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Interior Trim Upgrades

Although you can do many things with furniture, fabrics and accessories, sometimes a room lacks a bit of appeal because little or no thought was put into its trim work.

Historically, homes could be attributed to a certain architectural period by among other things the trim work style used. Changes came as craftsmen moved from area to area or modified designs as a type of individual signature.

Post WWII construction boom began to shift the emphasis from craftsman based trim work to more uniform consistent design. Clamshell and ranch style casings began to replace the earlier styles. Undersized, somewhat bland moldings, which add very little visual appeal for the home, have been the norm even on upscale homes since then.

Recently though homebuilders have been building more thoughtful, intricate trim work into their multi million dollar homes. They utilize larger varied door and window casings and are starting to add columns and multi piece crown molding. That’s good news.

 But what about your home. Maybe your home isn’t new, or multi million dollars, with 10 or 12 ft ceilings, yet you’d like to see an upgrade to the bland, home center type moldings in your rooms. That’s where Wall Statements can help. We’d love to talk to you about interior trim upgrades. You might be surprised at the affordability and the joy you’ll get from these enhancements.

Upgrades Include:

  • Crown Molding

  • Door Headers

  • Window Headers

  • Wainscot Paneling